Valentine’s Day LilMissSynn style 2.0

I keep everything I write, be it here or elsewhere every piece of writing I have ever done is stored somewhere. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don’t. I don’t know why I keep them, I just know that the little sage inside me tells me to keep them and I listen.

This is a Valentines day post I wrote in 2013 and I still feel the same way about this day, today. I don’t really “celebrate” this day by buying things or doing something extra for my partner, I still believe and I suspect that I always will, that a day the world spends a day focusing on the act of loving  is a damn good day.  It’s a day to draw a focus towards the art of love, how we express it, appreciated it, and how grateful we are to have it in our lives. If you do that with roses, dinners, or perhaps a day spent in bed so be it, the point being is we have a large population focusing on something wonderful and so powerful that only a fool would complain.



Feb 14th, 2016



Valentines Day- LilMissSyn style

Ok, so I feel like I have to throw my two cents into the Valentines thing once and for all.

I dig it… A LOT

But of course, I dig it LilMissSyn style.. which tends to be quite different that the majority.

Follow me here, because I am at work.. and I am up to my eyebrows in craptastic work I should be doing, so I gotta be brief without the finesse…

As I have mentioned in other posts, in my about section and pretty much everywhere and as often as possible; there is an energy to life, a hum, a culmination of all that is and all that will be… a vibe.. a flow….and it goes on and on and on….the same but different….and our personal energy contributes to this…

You may ask how LilMissSyn? How?

Thought people. Thought first, then action.. but thought is the most powerful. The power of thought is truly incredible.

Side bar: I will be getting waaaay more intimate with that topic another day, because like I said…. knee-deep in Cacca over here..

So today we have a whole bunch of people WORLDWIDE focused on lovin.. and it doesn’t matter WHAT kinda lovin…. It’s the energy that those wonderful thoughts produce that matters….the essence…and that is what gets put out there today in MASSIVE quantities. People everywhere are thinking love.. feeling love….acting on love….most of the people WORLDWIDE  have loving kindness in the forefront of their thoughts and actions all day long!!


That’s a lot of awesome energy being put out there. So yeah..

I am not focused on who is loving who….or how they are loving….or how many they are loving…I’m not concerned with how corporate this day is….or who will let me know they are thinking about me today…. I am just chillin.. feeling the love.. spreading the love.. and enjoying being plugged into that loving vibe that is humming all around me that will bring tears of joy to my eyes all day long.

So what if it’s only a day.. what an awesome day right??




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