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A open letter to those that did not stop for a child.

Update. This woman has not been caught. While I’m confident the Universe will balance everything, part of that balancing process could be someone coming forward. My son saw the bone specialist and he is confident walking fully on the ankle is the best course of action. He will be returning to school this week.

Post by Alice S. Hattie: AKA LilMissSynn on Quora

This is an open letter to the female that struck down my son with her SUV and to those that drove by him giving him nothing more than a glance as writhed in agony on the sidewalk. January 28th, 2016 was the day you managed to shatter my son’s light. You managed to make this day a day he will never forget after I spent 13 years trying to make it a day that was just like any other.

On that day exactly 13 years ago, my son lost his father. He never had the opportunity to know his father, and I have spent every year ensuring that when that day came along he did not have to spend it grieving. He grew up feeling the absence of a father day in and day out watching his friends enjoy their fathers. Making sure he knew precisely what day he lost his was not necessary. But today, in one selfish act you have unravelled all of that and not only ensured this day would never fade from our memories you also managed to take away his faith, trust in his community and humanity.

For the first time in the 14 years that wonderful soul whose light was always shining no matter what was suddenly dark and full of the one thing no child should even be full of; a sense of worthlessness. You struck my boy down head on, then reversed over his ankle, got out of your vehicle, looked down into his eyes, while he screamed, you turned your back on him, got into your SUV and drove away, leaving him to pull himself to safety away from the exit of the mall.

You left him there.

You hit a child in the middle of the day and sauntered away as if he was disposable. Like his life was irrelevant, meaningless and unimportant. My son, who is now in a cast, with bruised ribs and showing signs of trauma, did not spend the rest of day and night in the emergency room focusing on the physical pain. He spent the day reliving the moment that you looked him in the eyes and left him there as he screamed in pain. He spent the day expressing thoughts like “I guess I’m not important” “Maybe she had something really important to do” with glazed over eyes not really realising he was speaking aloud.

Do you see the heinous trash you dumped on that child?

Your trash. Not his.

You stood over my boy, looked down upon him and in one moment that will never leave him, taught him the feeling of worthlessness. You not only gave him the idea that not all lives matter you showed him. And to the rest of you that drove by him that were behind her waiting to exit the mall too busy for that meeting you really don’t have, you are no better.  You enforced the sense of worthlessness in that child by passing him by and looking the other way. Shame on all of you. I have no words to bestow upon you. None of you is worthy of my contempt.

I just wanted to ensure by any means possible you could became aware of the full impact your decision to act inhumanely had on this child. Maybe by some fluke, this reaches someone who may have seen a Grey GM SUV hit a child and then leave on Jan, 28th 2016 around 11 am EST somewhere in Ontario, Canada. My precise location shouldn’t matter I would like to believe that the odds of two people doing this to a child on the same day and time is and will always be completely impossible. If you did see something please understand by anonymously reporting anything you would be restoring my son’s trust, faith and the belief that no one is worthless and those that believe and act upon that outweigh those that don’t and those that don’t, don’t get away with it.

My motives are selfish. I really don’t want him to think of that day as the day he lost trust in humanity one day that day will carry enough loss on its own.One nugget of information could also make that day be recalled as the day kindness, compassion and doing the right thing prevailed which would soften the blow that day will always carry.

This kid deserves that, all kids do, but this kid, on this day, needs it.


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