Johnny Stimson, Spotify and Me.


So how often do you tweet a song and the actual artist responds?

About a month ago I’m doing god knows what, because well, it’s me. And this song comes through my speakers  via Spotify, and it grabs me instantly… what is this I hear? A new sound, a new voice making my ears tingle and my thoughts wander into those sexy places.

Who the hell is this? I  peek over and I see it’s a very sexy dude; Johnny Stimson.

I listen to the song again, and again and I feel like the world must hear this loveliness. I slide the tune into the playlist I created so that  IFTTT and Spotify can spread awesomeness in musical form to all my social media sites and it starts posting. Tumblr, Google, Medium and finally Twitter.

Dude catches the post on Twitter the next day and responds.

No shit.

I don’t buy it. I do some sleuthing, which basically consists of googling and checking his site, only to conclude it really was him. For real. Like no shit.

So I engage thinking it was just a PR thing and he wouldn’t respond, but he responds yet again, and again!  Next thing I know we have this lovely  breezy little tete-a-tete 21st-century style. Nothing deep. Just some tweets and then life gets all life like and we move along as before.

Let me say this.. dude is top notch. There was absolutely no reason for this man to engage with me, he certainly doesn’t require my attention. One deeper glance into Google and it became very apparent that he’s well on his way to becoming legendary.  In 2015, his song Holding On was featured in a commercial in the UK and he not only cracked the country’s Itunes top 40 charts with it, he became the #1 Shazam’ed artist because of it…did I mention he did it completely unsigned?

Unsigned. Yeah. That’s right. Unsigned. Which is almost impossible, but clearly not for Mr. Stimson.

I happen to catch the song  So Good when it hit the top 50 Viral songs chart in my country which was of 9 charts that week. Clearly he did not need my measly shout-out on Twitter, ya know?

Dude is just a solid guy. Genuine. Grateful. Pretty damn awesome. On top of all that, his music is good. Super talented and his sound is fresh and sexy as fuck. In fact, I must admit to enjoying his music naked and in various positions on more than one occasion.

So when I decided to do a music section on my blog there was no question who I would start off with, he is the first artist in quite some time to impress me, all way round. This is someone to start enjoying right from the start, big things are coming from this guy and you don’t want to miss it.



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